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Not generally, When the hardware, such as the Moates Quarterhorse, is plugged into the PC for the first time, the Operating system will install the drivers for you. If it can not find the drivers it will search the online database from Microsoft.

If the Operating System still does not install the drivers please follow the instructions in the Help manual in the section titled Installing.

Windows XP 32 bit with SP4

Windows XP 64 bit with SP4

Windows Vista 32 bit

Windows Vista 64 bit

Windows 7 32 bit

Windows 7 64 bit

Windows 8 32 bit

Windows 8 64 bit

Any and all languages are supported by the Operating System (OS) are supported by Binary Editor.

The number format is a different issue. Binary Editor and EEC Analyzer only support number formats that use the period (".") as the decimal separator and the coma (",") as the grouping  separator. If the regional settings in you PC are set to have a coma as the decimal separation then Binary Editor will not function correctly. In order to fix this you must to the followiing:


1) Open Binary Editor (BE) and goto the settings menu item and then to the user preferences. Select the "Factory Defaults".

2) Close BE

3) Open windows control panel and click on the "Regional and Language" settings.

4) Change the format to United States or click on the additional settings.

5) if choosing the option to select additional settings then change the "Digital Group Symbol to a coma and the "Decimal Symbol" to a period.

6) Select the OK and then restart BE

There are a lot of free strategies available for download on the downloads page of this web site. There are also a lot of strategies that are not free and are pay for. Some of the pay for strategies are done by multiple different people. If you can not find the strategy you are looking for on the downloads page of this site, please E-Mail us and we will try to point you in the right direction. 

There is no difference. they are one in the same.

There is no difference. they are one in the same.

The following is a list of supported hardware:


Moates Quarterhorse

Moates F3 Chip

TwEECer RT and base models

Drew Tech Mongoose (J2534)

McS1 (J2534)

Innovate (LM1, LM2, LC1, LC2, MTX)

DataQ (DI145, DI148, DI149, and many more)

DLP DI08 (USB 8 channel logger)

PLX iMFD components

SLC Pure Plus (AFR logger)

There are several causes for this. Make sure you have installed Binary Editor after Log Works. It is not recommend to even install log works unless you need to configure channels or other transfer functions.

If you are using a USB to serial converter make sure you are using the correct comport in BE. To figure this out plug the USB to serial converter in and then look in the windows control panel --> System --> Device manager to see what com port windows assigned the USB to serial converter. Make sure BE uses this same comport.