Follow the links below to get your copy of EEC Analyzer or Binary Editor. Please note that full functionality requires purchasing a license. Binary Editor 2010+ must be used when using the Moates Quarterhorse. If you own a license for BE2010 the license will NOT work with BE2012 or BE 5.xx

Some Web Browsers may block the downloading of the software. These web browsers claim that the software maybe harmful. The software is not harmfull in any way. You can choose to ignore and continue to download and install.

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  • System Requirements:

    The following (links) are system requirements that are free and downloadable. Some of the items below may already be install if the windows updater is enabled. A PDF reader is required in order to view any of the help files. I recommend FoxIt. Both the EEC Analyzer and Binary Editor were designed to fit on a 800x600 screen size. The minimum system performance is going to depend on the amount of data that is trying to be analyzed or logged. The more data being analyzed the more processor and RAM the PC will required. It is recommended not to use anything less than a Intel Core 2 Duo with a minimum of Windows 7 with 4 gig of ram and with Dot Net 4.6.1 is required